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The Most Advanced Time Efficient Way To Clean Your Floor

With the FloorBot360™ the time will be cut to a minimum due to its unique design that does all floor cleaning features in one!

FloorBot360™ is a broom, vacuum, & mop all in one. Cut your cleaning time down to an absolute bare minimum with perfect results!

Welcome to your new favorite floor cleaning tool!

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No Need To Plug In Or Charge

The FloorBot360™ is hand-powered by centrifugal force by being pushed forward. This means no electricity, it is chordless, & can be used from anywhere!

Full Dust Removal

We take cleanliness very seriously here. Our FloorBot360™ will never leave dust on your floors. We double test to make sure it is 100% effective for everyday use.

From Wet to Dry in Seconds!

Don't worry about wet floors. The FloorBot30 ™ has a built-in mop that cleans from wet to dry!

Dustbin Dustpan Integration

The FloorBot360™ has an easily accessible dustbin joined with a dustpan mouth that collects every single particle left on the floor!

No Chords & Unique Pivot Design!

The FloorBot360 allows access to all angles to clean the floors. This means along walls, underneath couches, & all difficult access areas. 

Unique Mechanics Joined inside of the Device!

The FloorBot360 is a combination of multiple rolling & bristle devices that catches all dust, dirt, & grime. 

No other device has this many unique features.